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Caroline Meagher, President

Sandra Licciardo, Vice President

Gary E. Coltin, Treasurer
Yvette Bailey, RN, MBA, ACM, Clerk

Kim Bohlen

Michael Curry, M.Ed.

Karen French

Cathy Mamakos, M.Ed.

Rebecca Nazzaro, M.Ed.

Bethany Noseworthy, M.Ed.

Charles Schissel, Esq.

Mary Sylva

Linda Young, M.Ed.


Pamela Bishop

Peg Brown, M.Ed.

Wayne Capolupo

Lori Rittman Clark, Esq.

Cynthia Costello

Kerrin Costello

Police Chief Thomas Fowler

Gail Pettengill Kelleher

Lieutenant Anthony King

Laurie Knapp, CPA 

Ellen Lincoln, LICSW

Kelly O’Leary, Esq.

Danielle Perry

Jan Pettengill Richenburg

Charles Rotondi, Esq. 

Holly Shay, LICSW
John Shimer, Psy D

Cathy Toomey

Deborah Tremblay

Michelle Walsh

Detective Robert Wile, M.Ed., Counseling/Psy


Deborah M. Smith, Executive Director, M.Ed., Counseling/Psy, LSW, LADC

Tiffany Nigro, Assistant Director, BS, LSW

Ann Champagne, Social Worker

Martha Ferry, Administrative Assistant

Heidi Fournier, Office Manager

Lisa Harrington, Social Worker Assistant

Richard Henderson, Food Pantry Coordinator, BS

Lauri Murphy, Social Worker / Substance Addiction Counselor, MSW

Susan Ottaviano, Social Worker, M.Ed, Counseling/Psy., LSW

Sierra Partlan, Program Coordinator, BA

Lisa Prendergast, Social Worker, MSW, LCSW

Ray Webster, Pantry Assistant

Laurie Wile, Social Worker, BA, LSW

  • Basic Needs
  • Children’s Supplemental Gift Programs
  • Community Partnership Initiatives
  • Comprehensive Case Management
  • Crisis Intervention Services
  • Educational Initiatives
  • Emergency Assistance Program
  • Environmental Counseling and Advocacy
  • Family Stabilization Program
  • Food Pantry
  • Home Visits/Assessments and Interventions
  • Juvenile Diversion Community Service Site
  • Mass Health Insurance/Food Stamp Assistance
  • McKinney Vento Homeless Act Support Services
  • Operation Backpack School Supply Program
  • Saturday Night Meals Program
  • School Link Service Program
  • Senior Support Program
  • Substance Addiction Initiative
  • Winter Coat Drive

The goal of all programs is to support self- sufficiency, while improving individual and family quality of life

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